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Hi Friends!

Welcome to Alexandrias Vault!

My name is Abcde Alexandria :) 

As I type in this bio, I'm a little shook on what I should be talking about. Should I talk about how awesome I am? How many insecurities that I have? How non perfect my life is? How perfect my baby is???? Decisions, decisions...

Ahhh... I'll just let it all flow out. Transparency is key right? Let's go!

For starters, I guide highly potential individuals to ditch the job they hate and launch a full blown business that stems from their passion. None of this can be done without the proper MINDSET so I also serve as a personal "Hype-man" to keep the mind free and clear of bull*beep.* 

As an online business/hype-man coach and consultant, my specialty is in Brand Strategy and Online Marketing for seed stage entrepreneurs. 

I am a proud business owner of 6 small businesses on Oahu, Hawaii that ranges from Portrait Photography (@abcalexandriamedia), Marketing for local businesses (SocialBonds), Smash cakes (@alexandriasvault) to Wedding Planning Services (@abcalexandriaweddings)!

But..... it wasn't always this way. 

I have started my entrepreneurship just less than 1 year ago (This bio is written in March of 2019)  and before this I was working for a multi million dollar corporation with more than 5 elite titles under my belt. 

I've worked my way up the ladder to my "dream" position but... I came to hate my job :(

Like a lot of millenials these day's, I ended up settling and going with the flow. 

Like a dead fish.

Until one day I was so burnt out, so overwhelmed that I looked back on life thought, "I'm frickin 25 year's old and so far I only have nearly 10 years of memory that involved this building. How frickin lame am I." This was not how I envisioned life for myself. 

Next thing ya know, I quit. Just like that. I quit and had absolutely no idea what the f*** I was going to do with my life and after trial and error I've made my daydreams into a reality and siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis....

I have about ZERO regrets. 

Now that I have earned the place to do so, I teach other aspiring goal getters to do the same and guide them, mentally and "businesslly." 

Anywho, If you've made it this far...

Welcome to Alexandria's Vault! Where you can find services that are literally stemmed from my heart. 

I love you and I appreciate you! So much so that I want you to know that your happiness is IMPORTANT. 

Chase your happy! No matter the cost! 

Xoxo, Abcde